Sunday, September 25, 2011


Rex mason became metamorpho after an accident in an egyptian pyramid.Rex mason was dating simon stagg's daughter saphire.Simon stagg strongly dissaproved of him dating his daughter and rex was working for stagg as his tv host exploring dangerous places of the world.Simon had a plan to get rid of mason by trapping  him in the pyramid.Instead of being killed somehow the egyptian orb of the sun god ra gave him superpowers.Rex uncousciously escaped by transforming into smoke.He soon ralized that he could form into any element on the periodic table.Rex feels he is ugly because of the transformation and would do anything just to be normal again so he can have his life with saphire back.Rex tried to force simon stagg into finding a cure for his condition.He was offered a chance to join the justice league in my metamorpho year one story, but unnfortunately turned them down,cause he wanted to be normal.Metamorpho took on two different robots the first one he turned into vapor slipped into a vent and destroyed it and the second one turned into titanium and crushed it.In closing I feel that meatamorpho is a unique character with an interesting power and a very tortured spirit.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rage of the red lanterns

The red lanterns are just as interesting as the green lantern corps, and I am very happy that they are getting their own series.Atrocitus is the leader of the red lantern corps.He forged the red ring of rage on the firey pits of the planet of ysmault.His people were anihilated by the genocidal manhunters who were androids created by the guardians of the universe before the exsistence of the green lantern corps.One of my other favorite members is dex starr a kitty cat from earth.The red lantern power ring removes the users heart and replaces it with a new plasma heart.The ring gives the user the ability to fly threw space, create force fields, and spew a type of lava blast that can burn through almost anything including the vaccums of space.Most members are so blinded by the rage that they cannot create constructs, atrocitus however has mastered the rage other people who have been able to use the ring to create constructs are guy gardner, mera, and hal jordan, but in hal and guys case they were able to because they also had a green power ring(or will powered).Mera was a temparary member.I love the fact that their rings are powered by rage only wish that other members aside from atroctitus were able to focus more so they could also create constructs.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Crow

The crow is an awesome revenge( or redemption) story based off the graphic novel  which is created by james o barr.Eric Draven is a rock guitarist whom his fiancee and him are brutally muredered by a gang who his evil man named top dollar who basically runs the town.A year later a crow brings eric draven back to life to set the wrong things right by avenging his and his fiancee's untimely death by the hands of top dollar and his crew of criminals.As long as the crow remains alive so will eric draven.The four criminals that were sent to kill eric draven and his fiancee shelley webster are tin tin, fun boy, skank, and t bird.The movie was amazing a very close to the graphic novel and I feel it was an extremely sad tragedy when brandon lee died during the making of the film.The graphic novel is another one of those underground comic book stories.I love how violent and dark both the actual story and the movie are.After his buissness is done he will join his loved one in the afterlife.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lobo the interstellar bounty hunter

Lobo is like a cross between conan the barbarian dog the bounty hunter and han solo.Lobo is pretty violent and does what he wants when he wants.Their are couple different interpretations of Lobo, some will say he is barely stronger then normal human others which I prefer say that he can stand toe to toe with the man of steel himself.One power that is always a constant is in the comics is that he has an enhaced ability to sense people that he is tracking which makes him extremely useful as a bounty hunter.Lobo has a superpowered motorcycle that he built himself and can travel extremely fast through space.Their is only one episode in which he appears on the justice league animated series, but I love the way he was represnted on that episode and loved his personality especially with brad garrett doing his voice.I am very interested in getting some Lobo comics I think it is real cool that scott ian from the metal band anthrax helped write one of his stories.I would love to see a rated R movie, because he is so violent and does not live by the rules.He is a metalhead space biker.I apoligize for the lack of information on the character I will definitely try to find out more and I will be looking foward to emersing myself into his world.