Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rage of the red lanterns

The red lanterns are just as interesting as the green lantern corps, and I am very happy that they are getting their own series.Atrocitus is the leader of the red lantern corps.He forged the red ring of rage on the firey pits of the planet of ysmault.His people were anihilated by the genocidal manhunters who were androids created by the guardians of the universe before the exsistence of the green lantern corps.One of my other favorite members is dex starr a kitty cat from earth.The red lantern power ring removes the users heart and replaces it with a new plasma heart.The ring gives the user the ability to fly threw space, create force fields, and spew a type of lava blast that can burn through almost anything including the vaccums of space.Most members are so blinded by the rage that they cannot create constructs, atrocitus however has mastered the rage other people who have been able to use the ring to create constructs are guy gardner, mera, and hal jordan, but in hal and guys case they were able to because they also had a green power ring(or will powered).Mera was a temparary member.I love the fact that their rings are powered by rage only wish that other members aside from atroctitus were able to focus more so they could also create constructs.

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