Sunday, September 25, 2011


Rex mason became metamorpho after an accident in an egyptian pyramid.Rex mason was dating simon stagg's daughter saphire.Simon stagg strongly dissaproved of him dating his daughter and rex was working for stagg as his tv host exploring dangerous places of the world.Simon had a plan to get rid of mason by trapping  him in the pyramid.Instead of being killed somehow the egyptian orb of the sun god ra gave him superpowers.Rex uncousciously escaped by transforming into smoke.He soon ralized that he could form into any element on the periodic table.Rex feels he is ugly because of the transformation and would do anything just to be normal again so he can have his life with saphire back.Rex tried to force simon stagg into finding a cure for his condition.He was offered a chance to join the justice league in my metamorpho year one story, but unnfortunately turned them down,cause he wanted to be normal.Metamorpho took on two different robots the first one he turned into vapor slipped into a vent and destroyed it and the second one turned into titanium and crushed it.In closing I feel that meatamorpho is a unique character with an interesting power and a very tortured spirit.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rage of the red lanterns

The red lanterns are just as interesting as the green lantern corps, and I am very happy that they are getting their own series.Atrocitus is the leader of the red lantern corps.He forged the red ring of rage on the firey pits of the planet of ysmault.His people were anihilated by the genocidal manhunters who were androids created by the guardians of the universe before the exsistence of the green lantern corps.One of my other favorite members is dex starr a kitty cat from earth.The red lantern power ring removes the users heart and replaces it with a new plasma heart.The ring gives the user the ability to fly threw space, create force fields, and spew a type of lava blast that can burn through almost anything including the vaccums of space.Most members are so blinded by the rage that they cannot create constructs, atrocitus however has mastered the rage other people who have been able to use the ring to create constructs are guy gardner, mera, and hal jordan, but in hal and guys case they were able to because they also had a green power ring(or will powered).Mera was a temparary member.I love the fact that their rings are powered by rage only wish that other members aside from atroctitus were able to focus more so they could also create constructs.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Crow

The crow is an awesome revenge( or redemption) story based off the graphic novel  which is created by james o barr.Eric Draven is a rock guitarist whom his fiancee and him are brutally muredered by a gang who his evil man named top dollar who basically runs the town.A year later a crow brings eric draven back to life to set the wrong things right by avenging his and his fiancee's untimely death by the hands of top dollar and his crew of criminals.As long as the crow remains alive so will eric draven.The four criminals that were sent to kill eric draven and his fiancee shelley webster are tin tin, fun boy, skank, and t bird.The movie was amazing a very close to the graphic novel and I feel it was an extremely sad tragedy when brandon lee died during the making of the film.The graphic novel is another one of those underground comic book stories.I love how violent and dark both the actual story and the movie are.After his buissness is done he will join his loved one in the afterlife.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lobo the interstellar bounty hunter

Lobo is like a cross between conan the barbarian dog the bounty hunter and han solo.Lobo is pretty violent and does what he wants when he wants.Their are couple different interpretations of Lobo, some will say he is barely stronger then normal human others which I prefer say that he can stand toe to toe with the man of steel himself.One power that is always a constant is in the comics is that he has an enhaced ability to sense people that he is tracking which makes him extremely useful as a bounty hunter.Lobo has a superpowered motorcycle that he built himself and can travel extremely fast through space.Their is only one episode in which he appears on the justice league animated series, but I love the way he was represnted on that episode and loved his personality especially with brad garrett doing his voice.I am very interested in getting some Lobo comics I think it is real cool that scott ian from the metal band anthrax helped write one of his stories.I would love to see a rated R movie, because he is so violent and does not live by the rules.He is a metalhead space biker.I apoligize for the lack of information on the character I will definitely try to find out more and I will be looking foward to emersing myself into his world.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I would like to discuss a character that is outside the mainstream comic world of such powerhouses as marvel and dc.His name is spawn (aka al simmons).Spawn is independtly owned by its creater todd mcfarlene.Spawn is dark and interesting, he is from a no holds bare kinda world.Al Simmons is a soldier whom dies and is given demonic powers by the devil malbolga.Malbolga tries to force him to serve and also lead in his army of demons.Spawn refuses to join while trying to find a purpose for being back on earth he protects rat city(or the ally he usually resides in) from cyborgs, old comrades and anyone else sent by jason wynn.Al tries to reenter his beloved wife wanda, but realizes that their is no place for him anymore especially with his former best friend terry has married to her and them having a daughter syanne.Spawn's armor and cape can do pretty much anything he imagines.He uses a lot of chains and green plasma blasts as well. Spawn's main weakness is the more he uses his power the more he will deplete himself.I love clown (aka the violater) he is an amazing villain like the joker only more powerful and equally sadistic always giving spawn a run for his money. I love the movie only wish they waited a little longer so some of the special effects could be improved.I recently watched the hbo animated series and found some of it to be dissappointing, mostly because their was too much narration.I have two different comic books which cross batman's world with spawn's and I find them to be amazing reads.Spawn is a very conflicted charater and I enjoy reading about him .

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Etrigan the Demon

Etrigan is very interesting he is a demon from hell, despite his violent tendencies, usually finds himself allied with the forces of good, mainly because of his alliance between the dc characters mainly Jason Blood whom which he is bonded with.Etrigan resembles a squat, muscular humanoid creature with orange skin,horns,red eyes, and bat like ears.Jason Blood is tall, thin,and has dark and red hair.Etrigan is son of the demon Belial who is smmoned by merlin the wizard, his half brother.Merlin is unable to obtain the demons secrets so he bonds the demon with jason blood who is a knight in the medievil times or king arthur's camelot.This process renders jason blood immortal.Much later Jason Blood settled in gotham city and became a demonologist.Even among demons etrigan is powerful. Some his powers include above superhuman strength(mystically enhanced) enhanced senses,super speed,telepathy,energy blasts and precognition.Jason blood himself is also skilled in hand to hand combat.Etrigan is powerful enough to stand against characters such as wonder woman,superman and the space bounty hunter lobo.His main weakness is holy powers and in the occurrence that he has to face such a threat he would have to revert back to his jason blood form.Etrigan has constantly had to deal with the threat of the sorceress known as Morgan Le Fe.If dc universe is able to make a movie with him in it I believe that it would be the bees knees.I would love it.Alright thats all I got on my boy Etrigan/jason blood.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I would like to go in a slightly different direction this time.Their is a very strong misconception about superheroes and comic book characters.People probably believe that the hero always wins that they will always be able to save the ackday.I believe that because the protaganist almost always rises above the challenge in the movies that general people think that is how it is.This is far from the truth in the actual comic book world.I will give several examples of this.In the green lantern movie hal jordan was able to destroy parallex,but in the comics parallex took control of hal and used him for evil.Later on in the sinestro corps war sinestro and his followers killed several members of the green lantern corps.Sinestro killed laira when she became a red lantern.Their are many events in batman's history that are tragic, but I will get to that here in a bit.Another one is when the mighty superman fell at the hands of doomsday.The flash was tormented by reverse flash (or proffessor zoom) before he even had his powers travelling back in time and torturing him.Now here are some of the events of batmans tragic history.first the death of his parents leading him to become batman then the death of the second robin jason todd who was beat to death with a crowbar by the joker.The first true defeat batman suffered when bane broke his back.When the joker put barbara gordon in a wheelchair by shooting her in the spine and kidnapping her father comissioner gordon and trying drive him crazy.Later the tragedy in which we are led to believe that darkseid kills batman.Their are other tragic moments in comic book history,but these ones I found truly interesting oh yeah almos forgot the inital death of martian manhunter.Thats all for now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Booster Gold

Booster Gold is an interesting character he is from the future in the twenty fifth century and he  travelled back in time to the twentieth century for glory and fame.Michael jon charter was born very poor due to his father's gambling problem.Micheal and his sister goldstar (aka michelle) did not get to know their father very well because he left due to the issues with gambling.Michael was a very gifted athlete and got into gotham university on his football scholorship.Though he took a turn for the worse when he took bad advice from his father who reentered his life telling him to gamble on his games.Later on with the help of a security robot named skeets michael stole a device that gave him the ability to travel back in time to the twentieth century.Michael or booster gold has advanced technology that releases energy rays from his wrist enhances his strength and gives him the ability to fly.Booster Gold is good friends with blue beetle who got killed by maxewell lord fortunately wonder woman has killed him in return.He may have travelled back in the past with selfish intentions, but he is good at heart.Some of his enemies include the 1000 which a vast criminal group in boosters time period,the time stealers and more well known villains like ultra humanite,and despero.I believe that booster gold os also a member of the legion of superheroes as well as the justice leauge.Thats all I have on booster right now if he ever starred in his own flick it would definitely  have sci fi feel to it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is awesome and very unique.Their have been several different people to become Dr Fate.Sven Nelson is the golden age version he is the son of an archaelogist who died when he became orphaned he trained by nabu in the magic arts and became one of the founding members of the justice society.Later Roy Thomas became dr fate by gaining access  of the helmet of nabu.Hector Hall is also another individiual who has been dr fate through the helmet of nabu.All of these indivdiuals would have the hemet of nabu which gives them such powers as flight, invulnerability, super strength, fire blasts, energy blasts, lightnning blasts, teleportation, telekenesis, and telepathy.Some of Doctor Fates villians or enemies include Ian Karuul, Mr who, The clock, The octopus, mad dog, a variety of mad scientist as well as mobsters.I love the way that dr fate is represented on the justce league animated series especcially his home and how it leads to alternate universes.I would totally dig it if they were able to make  an  actual dr fate movie it would be great to see how he could use all his different powers and see what he can do with some of that magic.Dr fate definitely has style and I as always look foward to reading more on his character.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Blue Beetle

I am gonna do my best to explain the blue beetle.Their are several individiuals who have taken on the persona of blue beetle.Ted kord and jamie reyes are the most well known of these individiuals who have taken on the blue beetle.The scarab is a magical piece which attaches itself to the spine of its user and grants them all sorts of abilities.The scarab is an ancient piece of egyptian power.Among some of the abilities it will provide also include flight super agility power blasts and it gives a protective armor which will also enhance the users healing as well.The scarab is highly advanced technology that has a telepathic relationship with the user.Jamie reyes is one of the individiuals I can give you a little insight on.He is a teenager who lives with his parents and does his best to help out.Jamie is also a member of the teen titans.In closing I feel that blue beetle is pretty sweet like a awesome cross between green lantern and Iron man.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


A character I have not discussed yet is captain marvel(or shazam).Catain marvel is a young boy is given magical powers by the wizard shazam.Any time young billy batson needs to says the words shazam and then becomes earth's mightiest mortal.He is even powerful enough to stand his own against the man of steel himself.In honor of the wizard shazm catain marvel defends the earth of the seven deadly sins greed, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth, pride, and wrath.One of captain marvel's most well known and notorious villains is black adam who shares the same powers as captain marvel.Among his magical powers granted by the wizard shazam he also has super strength speed flight and can say the words shazam to call upon his magic.captain marvel is also another legitimate member of the justice league.Thats all i got on billy batson aka captain marvel for now.

Monday, August 1, 2011

birds of prey

The birds of prey is an all female operative group led by barbara gordon who was once batgirl until the joker crippled her by shooting her in the spine.Other members include black canary the huntress lady black hawk and a few other female dc characters.barbara gordon goes by the codename oracle and is a genius.The birds of prey basically go on missions that oracle or barbara gordon monitors .The fact that oracle encounters the joker after the whole being crippled incident is extremely interesting the joker does not reconize her at first, but then later realizes who she is and tries to kill her, but barbara is not exactly helpless as he finds out.I need to read more on the birds of prey and the other members in the group.I definitely need more to discuss on the birds of prey.Their is a brief live action series, but it was extremely dissapointing and very half assed which saddens me because they are very important characters and desereve more respect than what they got.Thats all for the birds of prey.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Man of Steel

Alright I am the farthest thing from being superman's biggest fan, but he is still a big actually a huge part of the dc universe and I must respect his character.So when I heard that zack snyder was going to do the next superman movie I was initially excited, but then I heard that they were using zod as the villain and that really ticked me off.The man of steel has a lot of great villains, but we never get to see them, because the people of hollywood are idiots.Let me list out some of the villains they should have use brainiac,doomsday,metallo,darkseid,silver banshee,parasite or even lex luthor, but only if they did it correctly maybe have him in a armored suit blasting the kryptonian with kryptonite.Side thought I find it ironic and very sad that christopher reeve who is truly known for playing superman{or clark kent} one of the most powerful super heroes becomes handycaped in real life then passed away.Another thing about the new movie that agggrivates a lot of people is the fact that a brittish guy is portraying the most iconic american character out there.I am sure that people are dissappointed in the fact that the new movie release date has been pushed back as well.My personal opinion is that the show smallville is without a doubt the best adaptation of the superman legacy.It was cool seeing the character grow up and become his own from his initial resentful relationship with jor el to the relationship with his earth parents martha and jonathan kent to the downfall of lex luthor and the introduction of other dc characters.In closing I hope that they can do a better job adapting the new movie and proving so many of us comic book fans wrong.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Secret Six

I truly dig the secret six in my opinion they are extremely badass. I only have one of their stories and am eager to read more of them.Let me inform those of you who are unaware of who the secret six are they are basically a team of dc villains or super criminals who are forced to work and go on missions for the government.The team is headed by none other than then powerman genius bane.It also has the bullseye marksman deadshot who is a lesser known batman villain.The secret six also has lesser known but still interesting characters like king shark, catman,dwarfstar,giganta and black alice.The secret six is a lot like the suicide squad in that they are working for their freedom.I think a secret six movie would be sweet, but I think a television series might be even better so you could see them go on several missions.The group usually reports to amanda waller who is very political active and has a lot of connections to several different characters in the vast dc universe.Thats all I have on the secret six for now.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Emerald Archer!!

Today I would really like to discuss the green arrow(aka oliver queen).I like green arrow a lot and feel he should be on the big screen.Oliver Queen is very similiar to Bruce Wayne( or batman) in the fact that he has a lot of money and gadgets and does not have super powers. Green Arrow is loosely based off robin hood and he is extremely skilled with the bow and arrow.I love the relationship that green arrow has with black canary(Dinah Lance) usually a very  romantic arrow and black canary is another couple that I think my wife and I would love to dress up as.I think that doing a green arrow movie would not be to difficult to do.Once again he is another chnaracter I would love to read more about and I am interested in getting the brightest day graphic novel about him. I like his background story how he was stranded on an island learned to use a bow and arrow with great skill to survive.Oliver Queen is also from star city.Merlyn is one of the emerald archers main villains and would be interesting to see a showdown between the two.I also feel that if they do a green arrow movie that they should explore the relationship between him and black canary.Another character that they could explore is arrow's sidekick speedy and his relationship with oliver.I believe that is everything I have to say on the emerald archer for now.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanagarians Hawkman and Hawkgirl

I would like to take some time to talk about a lesser known pair of characters Hawkman and Hawkgirl.They are the most romantic pair of characters in the dc univerese and have a love that span the centuries.I find their love story to be the most interesing one out there.Let me to tell as best I can their backstory Charter and Shaeira Hall both have advanced technology from their home world of Thanagaar including a pair of wings in which they constructed themselves.They are constantly being reincarnanted in new lives in which they rediscover their love. I definitely want to read more about the two characters and their rich history.Hawkman and Hawkgirl were two of the most intriguing characters in the blackest night as well as their part in brightest day.I believe that if the two received their own movie it would be like Indiana Jones with a super hero touch added to it and I would just love that. The thanagarians are characters in which I feel I also need to read more about especially in their own story.My wife and I would love to dress up as the two characters for halloween only I would need a little more muscle on me.Thats all I have to say about the thanagarians for now thanks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wonder Woman!!

Once again this is a character I need to learn more about, but what I do know I thouroughly enjoy.She is an amazonian princess of themyscira an island hidden from mankind.Diana Prince has the powers of the greek gods she is embodied with strength speed flight and the lasso of truth.Diana is ambassador to themyscira and man's world.A great percent of her villains are based off the greek gods and goddessess villains such as ares hades. She also has villains like circes and cheetah whom I would love to see in a live action wonder woman movie.One thing I do find very interesting is the fact that diana is not so innocent she did kill maxewll lord, because she felt that he was far too great a threat to let live.In my opinion if marvel can make thor a huge success than I do not see why dc cant do wonder woman, because after all both characters are based on godlike powers.I definitely think that they should get someone good to play diana.Well thats all I have to say about the amazon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

martian manhunter

I would like to talk about j'onn j'onzz (aka martian manhunter).I will not be able to make this as exstensive as the other ones. I love this character and wish that dc could do more with his character.He is just as powerful as superman, but in my opinion way cooler. Some of his abilities include shapeshifting, flight, super strength, telepathy and he can phase through solid objects.The martian's only weakness is a vulnerability to fire.I have a three part martian manhunter comic series which I got at a flea market it was super interesting loved it showed him as a detective during the day and he is in his martian form while he was in his apartment.In the story he battles these strange lizard guys and also meets up with Dr Midnite from the justice society.If they did his own movie it would difficult, but I would love to see it and hope that it is done correctly,maybe do a transition with him dealing with destruction of his martian people and him taking the identity of john jones a detective on earth. I wish he had his own rogues like batman,the flash or even superman.He is such a great character and the only villain I am aware of that he has is the white martians.Maybe I just need to read more on him and find out what villains he usually goes against.J'onn J'onzz is the heart of the justice league and I long for more especially anything on his back story. Thats all I have to say for now.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fastest Man Alive!!

I love the flash, he has my favorite super power superspeed which gives him nearly infinite possibilities in the things he is able to do. Not only is he super fast he can also vibrate through solid objects create whirlwinds and he can tap into the speed force.I hope that the movie studios of hollywood get to work on the flashes own movie soon.I hope that it involves barry allen's character and his origin story. I have little interest in jay garrick's story.The flash has some of the most colorful rogues in the dc universe including captain cold trickster captain boomerang mirror master gorrilla grodd and reverse flash. My personal villain choice would have to be either gorrilla grodd or proffessor zoom(aka reverse flash).I love the Grodd he is one of my favorites I do not know why but I think a super intelligent talking gorrila with mind control is actually pretty pimp,and proffessor zoom is awesome because he is one of the few villains who can truly get the best of the flash.If I had to I would settle with captain boomerang an austrailian villain might be interesting to see.Another thing that would be cool is if in the sequel they bring in wally west.I have just began reading some of the flash stories and so far they are amazing and I am eager to read many more of the flashes stories and love learning about his history and villains. Thats all for tonight more later!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost everything batman

Lets get into the batman disscussion. I am greatly anticipating The Dark Knight Rises for a couple reasons one I love batman and he is pretty much my bread and butter. Another reason I am excited about the upcoming movie is that christopher nolan is a genius and made a very good decision in choosing bane as the villain, unlike most people the joker is not my favorite villain the man who broke the bat's back bane is by far my favorite villain.I am also very confident in the way they are approaching catwomans character and hoping that for the most part her oufit is similar to jim lee's art work. I am also super siked about the new video game arkham city which will come out in the fall. I love the fact that you can play as batman,catwoman and download robin who I feel gets a bad rap because of the way his character is represented in film and media he is an important character to the batmans legacy. I am also very happy their is a vast array of batman's rogues or villains in the new game, it looks amazing. I have read so many batman stories and love them all especially any story by grant morrisson. So far my favorite batman series is the nightfall series in which batman is truly defeated for the first time by the intelligent and powerful bane. I have another thought on christopher nolans batman films I find it slightly ironic that he likes to keep the series grounded in reality, but Ras al ghul who he used in the first film is actually immortal and the current character bane is super powered by a steroid compound known as venom. I found that to be an interesting fact. Regardless I am glad nolan is redeeming bane's character and show the world what his character is really about and that no one can base their knowledge of batman or his legacy on joel schumachers crap which was a slap in the face to us comic book fans who kmow the truth about bane. I hate how in batman and robin made bane seem like an idiot made mr freeze seem witty which is false on both counts. Thats all for now.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

green lantern thoughts

I recently saw the green lantern movie and really enjoyed it. I am a little dissappointed it was not more successful, but I am very happy that they are still working on a sequel. After all the only flaws I saw were minor cgi defects and the one thing that bothered me was that in the movie parallex kills abin sur and in the comics it is atrocitus.I especially loved the end scene in which sinestro wears the yellow ring. I have a lot of things in mind that I would love to see in the next film. First of all I hope that the same cast is in it like mark strong and ryan reynolds. I am hoping that they introduce new characters such as john stewart guy gardner or arisia. If they go in the direction I think that they are going in with the sinestro war then I would also like to see sinestro corps members like maash, low and definiely arkillo. I would love to see an epic fight scene with kilowog and arkillo just  like in the sinestro corps war.Another thing I would absolutely love to see is the introduction of atrocitus and the red lanterns.It would be interesting to see how they do dex starr.Thats all for now please feel free to share your opinion with me.