Monday, July 25, 2011

The Secret Six

I truly dig the secret six in my opinion they are extremely badass. I only have one of their stories and am eager to read more of them.Let me inform those of you who are unaware of who the secret six are they are basically a team of dc villains or super criminals who are forced to work and go on missions for the government.The team is headed by none other than then powerman genius bane.It also has the bullseye marksman deadshot who is a lesser known batman villain.The secret six also has lesser known but still interesting characters like king shark, catman,dwarfstar,giganta and black alice.The secret six is a lot like the suicide squad in that they are working for their freedom.I think a secret six movie would be sweet, but I think a television series might be even better so you could see them go on several missions.The group usually reports to amanda waller who is very political active and has a lot of connections to several different characters in the vast dc universe.Thats all I have on the secret six for now.

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