Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wonder Woman!!

Once again this is a character I need to learn more about, but what I do know I thouroughly enjoy.She is an amazonian princess of themyscira an island hidden from mankind.Diana Prince has the powers of the greek gods she is embodied with strength speed flight and the lasso of truth.Diana is ambassador to themyscira and man's world.A great percent of her villains are based off the greek gods and goddessess villains such as ares hades. She also has villains like circes and cheetah whom I would love to see in a live action wonder woman movie.One thing I do find very interesting is the fact that diana is not so innocent she did kill maxewll lord, because she felt that he was far too great a threat to let live.In my opinion if marvel can make thor a huge success than I do not see why dc cant do wonder woman, because after all both characters are based on godlike powers.I definitely think that they should get someone good to play diana.Well thats all I have to say about the amazon.

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