Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Emerald Archer!!

Today I would really like to discuss the green arrow(aka oliver queen).I like green arrow a lot and feel he should be on the big screen.Oliver Queen is very similiar to Bruce Wayne( or batman) in the fact that he has a lot of money and gadgets and does not have super powers. Green Arrow is loosely based off robin hood and he is extremely skilled with the bow and arrow.I love the relationship that green arrow has with black canary(Dinah Lance) usually a very  romantic arrow and black canary is another couple that I think my wife and I would love to dress up as.I think that doing a green arrow movie would not be to difficult to do.Once again he is another chnaracter I would love to read more about and I am interested in getting the brightest day graphic novel about him. I like his background story how he was stranded on an island learned to use a bow and arrow with great skill to survive.Oliver Queen is also from star city.Merlyn is one of the emerald archers main villains and would be interesting to see a showdown between the two.I also feel that if they do a green arrow movie that they should explore the relationship between him and black canary.Another character that they could explore is arrow's sidekick speedy and his relationship with oliver.I believe that is everything I have to say on the emerald archer for now.

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