Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fastest Man Alive!!

I love the flash, he has my favorite super power superspeed which gives him nearly infinite possibilities in the things he is able to do. Not only is he super fast he can also vibrate through solid objects create whirlwinds and he can tap into the speed force.I hope that the movie studios of hollywood get to work on the flashes own movie soon.I hope that it involves barry allen's character and his origin story. I have little interest in jay garrick's story.The flash has some of the most colorful rogues in the dc universe including captain cold trickster captain boomerang mirror master gorrilla grodd and reverse flash. My personal villain choice would have to be either gorrilla grodd or proffessor zoom(aka reverse flash).I love the Grodd he is one of my favorites I do not know why but I think a super intelligent talking gorrila with mind control is actually pretty pimp,and proffessor zoom is awesome because he is one of the few villains who can truly get the best of the flash.If I had to I would settle with captain boomerang an austrailian villain might be interesting to see.Another thing that would be cool is if in the sequel they bring in wally west.I have just began reading some of the flash stories and so far they are amazing and I am eager to read many more of the flashes stories and love learning about his history and villains. Thats all for tonight more later!!

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