Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Man of Steel

Alright I am the farthest thing from being superman's biggest fan, but he is still a big actually a huge part of the dc universe and I must respect his character.So when I heard that zack snyder was going to do the next superman movie I was initially excited, but then I heard that they were using zod as the villain and that really ticked me off.The man of steel has a lot of great villains, but we never get to see them, because the people of hollywood are idiots.Let me list out some of the villains they should have use brainiac,doomsday,metallo,darkseid,silver banshee,parasite or even lex luthor, but only if they did it correctly maybe have him in a armored suit blasting the kryptonian with kryptonite.Side thought I find it ironic and very sad that christopher reeve who is truly known for playing superman{or clark kent} one of the most powerful super heroes becomes handycaped in real life then passed away.Another thing about the new movie that agggrivates a lot of people is the fact that a brittish guy is portraying the most iconic american character out there.I am sure that people are dissappointed in the fact that the new movie release date has been pushed back as well.My personal opinion is that the show smallville is without a doubt the best adaptation of the superman legacy.It was cool seeing the character grow up and become his own from his initial resentful relationship with jor el to the relationship with his earth parents martha and jonathan kent to the downfall of lex luthor and the introduction of other dc characters.In closing I hope that they can do a better job adapting the new movie and proving so many of us comic book fans wrong.

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