Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost everything batman

Lets get into the batman disscussion. I am greatly anticipating The Dark Knight Rises for a couple reasons one I love batman and he is pretty much my bread and butter. Another reason I am excited about the upcoming movie is that christopher nolan is a genius and made a very good decision in choosing bane as the villain, unlike most people the joker is not my favorite villain the man who broke the bat's back bane is by far my favorite villain.I am also very confident in the way they are approaching catwomans character and hoping that for the most part her oufit is similar to jim lee's art work. I am also super siked about the new video game arkham city which will come out in the fall. I love the fact that you can play as batman,catwoman and download robin who I feel gets a bad rap because of the way his character is represented in film and media he is an important character to the batmans legacy. I am also very happy their is a vast array of batman's rogues or villains in the new game, it looks amazing. I have read so many batman stories and love them all especially any story by grant morrisson. So far my favorite batman series is the nightfall series in which batman is truly defeated for the first time by the intelligent and powerful bane. I have another thought on christopher nolans batman films I find it slightly ironic that he likes to keep the series grounded in reality, but Ras al ghul who he used in the first film is actually immortal and the current character bane is super powered by a steroid compound known as venom. I found that to be an interesting fact. Regardless I am glad nolan is redeeming bane's character and show the world what his character is really about and that no one can base their knowledge of batman or his legacy on joel schumachers crap which was a slap in the face to us comic book fans who kmow the truth about bane. I hate how in batman and robin made bane seem like an idiot made mr freeze seem witty which is false on both counts. Thats all for now.

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