Thursday, July 14, 2011

green lantern thoughts

I recently saw the green lantern movie and really enjoyed it. I am a little dissappointed it was not more successful, but I am very happy that they are still working on a sequel. After all the only flaws I saw were minor cgi defects and the one thing that bothered me was that in the movie parallex kills abin sur and in the comics it is atrocitus.I especially loved the end scene in which sinestro wears the yellow ring. I have a lot of things in mind that I would love to see in the next film. First of all I hope that the same cast is in it like mark strong and ryan reynolds. I am hoping that they introduce new characters such as john stewart guy gardner or arisia. If they go in the direction I think that they are going in with the sinestro war then I would also like to see sinestro corps members like maash, low and definiely arkillo. I would love to see an epic fight scene with kilowog and arkillo just  like in the sinestro corps war.Another thing I would absolutely love to see is the introduction of atrocitus and the red lanterns.It would be interesting to see how they do dex starr.Thats all for now please feel free to share your opinion with me.

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