Monday, August 1, 2011

birds of prey

The birds of prey is an all female operative group led by barbara gordon who was once batgirl until the joker crippled her by shooting her in the spine.Other members include black canary the huntress lady black hawk and a few other female dc characters.barbara gordon goes by the codename oracle and is a genius.The birds of prey basically go on missions that oracle or barbara gordon monitors .The fact that oracle encounters the joker after the whole being crippled incident is extremely interesting the joker does not reconize her at first, but then later realizes who she is and tries to kill her, but barbara is not exactly helpless as he finds out.I need to read more on the birds of prey and the other members in the group.I definitely need more to discuss on the birds of prey.Their is a brief live action series, but it was extremely dissapointing and very half assed which saddens me because they are very important characters and desereve more respect than what they got.Thats all for the birds of prey.

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