Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I would like to discuss a character that is outside the mainstream comic world of such powerhouses as marvel and dc.His name is spawn (aka al simmons).Spawn is independtly owned by its creater todd mcfarlene.Spawn is dark and interesting, he is from a no holds bare kinda world.Al Simmons is a soldier whom dies and is given demonic powers by the devil malbolga.Malbolga tries to force him to serve and also lead in his army of demons.Spawn refuses to join while trying to find a purpose for being back on earth he protects rat city(or the ally he usually resides in) from cyborgs, old comrades and anyone else sent by jason wynn.Al tries to reenter his beloved wife wanda, but realizes that their is no place for him anymore especially with his former best friend terry has married to her and them having a daughter syanne.Spawn's armor and cape can do pretty much anything he imagines.He uses a lot of chains and green plasma blasts as well. Spawn's main weakness is the more he uses his power the more he will deplete himself.I love clown (aka the violater) he is an amazing villain like the joker only more powerful and equally sadistic always giving spawn a run for his money. I love the movie only wish they waited a little longer so some of the special effects could be improved.I recently watched the hbo animated series and found some of it to be dissappointing, mostly because their was too much narration.I have two different comic books which cross batman's world with spawn's and I find them to be amazing reads.Spawn is a very conflicted charater and I enjoy reading about him .

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