Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Booster Gold

Booster Gold is an interesting character he is from the future in the twenty fifth century and he  travelled back in time to the twentieth century for glory and fame.Michael jon charter was born very poor due to his father's gambling problem.Micheal and his sister goldstar (aka michelle) did not get to know their father very well because he left due to the issues with gambling.Michael was a very gifted athlete and got into gotham university on his football scholorship.Though he took a turn for the worse when he took bad advice from his father who reentered his life telling him to gamble on his games.Later on with the help of a security robot named skeets michael stole a device that gave him the ability to travel back in time to the twentieth century.Michael or booster gold has advanced technology that releases energy rays from his wrist enhances his strength and gives him the ability to fly.Booster Gold is good friends with blue beetle who got killed by maxewell lord fortunately wonder woman has killed him in return.He may have travelled back in the past with selfish intentions, but he is good at heart.Some of his enemies include the 1000 which a vast criminal group in boosters time period,the time stealers and more well known villains like ultra humanite,and despero.I believe that booster gold os also a member of the legion of superheroes as well as the justice leauge.Thats all I have on booster right now if he ever starred in his own flick it would definitely  have sci fi feel to it.

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