Friday, August 19, 2011

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is awesome and very unique.Their have been several different people to become Dr Fate.Sven Nelson is the golden age version he is the son of an archaelogist who died when he became orphaned he trained by nabu in the magic arts and became one of the founding members of the justice society.Later Roy Thomas became dr fate by gaining access  of the helmet of nabu.Hector Hall is also another individiual who has been dr fate through the helmet of nabu.All of these indivdiuals would have the hemet of nabu which gives them such powers as flight, invulnerability, super strength, fire blasts, energy blasts, lightnning blasts, teleportation, telekenesis, and telepathy.Some of Doctor Fates villians or enemies include Ian Karuul, Mr who, The clock, The octopus, mad dog, a variety of mad scientist as well as mobsters.I love the way that dr fate is represented on the justce league animated series especcially his home and how it leads to alternate universes.I would totally dig it if they were able to make  an  actual dr fate movie it would be great to see how he could use all his different powers and see what he can do with some of that magic.Dr fate definitely has style and I as always look foward to reading more on his character.

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