Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Blue Beetle

I am gonna do my best to explain the blue beetle.Their are several individiuals who have taken on the persona of blue beetle.Ted kord and jamie reyes are the most well known of these individiuals who have taken on the blue beetle.The scarab is a magical piece which attaches itself to the spine of its user and grants them all sorts of abilities.The scarab is an ancient piece of egyptian power.Among some of the abilities it will provide also include flight super agility power blasts and it gives a protective armor which will also enhance the users healing as well.The scarab is highly advanced technology that has a telepathic relationship with the user.Jamie reyes is one of the individiuals I can give you a little insight on.He is a teenager who lives with his parents and does his best to help out.Jamie is also a member of the teen titans.In closing I feel that blue beetle is pretty sweet like a awesome cross between green lantern and Iron man.

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