Friday, August 26, 2011


I would like to go in a slightly different direction this time.Their is a very strong misconception about superheroes and comic book characters.People probably believe that the hero always wins that they will always be able to save the ackday.I believe that because the protaganist almost always rises above the challenge in the movies that general people think that is how it is.This is far from the truth in the actual comic book world.I will give several examples of this.In the green lantern movie hal jordan was able to destroy parallex,but in the comics parallex took control of hal and used him for evil.Later on in the sinestro corps war sinestro and his followers killed several members of the green lantern corps.Sinestro killed laira when she became a red lantern.Their are many events in batman's history that are tragic, but I will get to that here in a bit.Another one is when the mighty superman fell at the hands of doomsday.The flash was tormented by reverse flash (or proffessor zoom) before he even had his powers travelling back in time and torturing him.Now here are some of the events of batmans tragic history.first the death of his parents leading him to become batman then the death of the second robin jason todd who was beat to death with a crowbar by the joker.The first true defeat batman suffered when bane broke his back.When the joker put barbara gordon in a wheelchair by shooting her in the spine and kidnapping her father comissioner gordon and trying drive him crazy.Later the tragedy in which we are led to believe that darkseid kills batman.Their are other tragic moments in comic book history,but these ones I found truly interesting oh yeah almos forgot the inital death of martian manhunter.Thats all for now.

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