Friday, September 2, 2011

Lobo the interstellar bounty hunter

Lobo is like a cross between conan the barbarian dog the bounty hunter and han solo.Lobo is pretty violent and does what he wants when he wants.Their are couple different interpretations of Lobo, some will say he is barely stronger then normal human others which I prefer say that he can stand toe to toe with the man of steel himself.One power that is always a constant is in the comics is that he has an enhaced ability to sense people that he is tracking which makes him extremely useful as a bounty hunter.Lobo has a superpowered motorcycle that he built himself and can travel extremely fast through space.Their is only one episode in which he appears on the justice league animated series, but I love the way he was represnted on that episode and loved his personality especially with brad garrett doing his voice.I am very interested in getting some Lobo comics I think it is real cool that scott ian from the metal band anthrax helped write one of his stories.I would love to see a rated R movie, because he is so violent and does not live by the rules.He is a metalhead space biker.I apoligize for the lack of information on the character I will definitely try to find out more and I will be looking foward to emersing myself into his world.

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