Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Crow

The crow is an awesome revenge( or redemption) story based off the graphic novel  which is created by james o barr.Eric Draven is a rock guitarist whom his fiancee and him are brutally muredered by a gang who his evil man named top dollar who basically runs the town.A year later a crow brings eric draven back to life to set the wrong things right by avenging his and his fiancee's untimely death by the hands of top dollar and his crew of criminals.As long as the crow remains alive so will eric draven.The four criminals that were sent to kill eric draven and his fiancee shelley webster are tin tin, fun boy, skank, and t bird.The movie was amazing a very close to the graphic novel and I feel it was an extremely sad tragedy when brandon lee died during the making of the film.The graphic novel is another one of those underground comic book stories.I love how violent and dark both the actual story and the movie are.After his buissness is done he will join his loved one in the afterlife.

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