Sunday, September 25, 2011


Rex mason became metamorpho after an accident in an egyptian pyramid.Rex mason was dating simon stagg's daughter saphire.Simon stagg strongly dissaproved of him dating his daughter and rex was working for stagg as his tv host exploring dangerous places of the world.Simon had a plan to get rid of mason by trapping  him in the pyramid.Instead of being killed somehow the egyptian orb of the sun god ra gave him superpowers.Rex uncousciously escaped by transforming into smoke.He soon ralized that he could form into any element on the periodic table.Rex feels he is ugly because of the transformation and would do anything just to be normal again so he can have his life with saphire back.Rex tried to force simon stagg into finding a cure for his condition.He was offered a chance to join the justice league in my metamorpho year one story, but unnfortunately turned them down,cause he wanted to be normal.Metamorpho took on two different robots the first one he turned into vapor slipped into a vent and destroyed it and the second one turned into titanium and crushed it.In closing I feel that meatamorpho is a unique character with an interesting power and a very tortured spirit.

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